€ 200,00 EUR
A RileyLink board (433 MHz version) with waterproof case and inductive charging.


This is a evolution of the Riley Link, which is a custom designed Bluetooth Smart (BLE) to Sub-1 GHz module. It can be used to bridge any BLE capable smartphone to the world of Sub-1 GHz devices.


We've complimented Riley Links already great capabilities with a waterproof case with inductive charging for RileyLink boards (433 MHz version). This is a complete Kit with Rileylink + 433Mhz Antenna Installed, SlimCase with 433Mhz Antenna Top, and Battery included. The RileyLink 433 can be used to communicate* with devices in the 433Mhz RF Spectrum for example: Insulet – Eros OmniPods, Oregon Scientific – Anemometer, Owl – Energy Meter, Oregon Scientific – Thermometer * Software and programming for specific devices may require custom development and/or use of open source software tools to integrate with 433Mhz devices.


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